About us

“Furajny hrany” Ltd. is founded in 1993 in Lovech and is specialized in pet and fish food production. There are highly qualified, young and ambitious specialists and workers in the company.

The underlying principles of company “Furajny hrany” Ltd. are the correctness, accuracy, respect to each other and loyalty to clients and suppliers. Evidence for this is popularity of our brand names “Ljubimetz”, “Hit”, “Chocky”, “Joy“, „Kiara“ and „Animania”.

Today, the strong side of company’s activity is spread open structure of home market through direct delivery to end clients – veterinarian clinics, specialized pet shops, supermarket and long term strategy for building and organizing trade storehouses in the country.

The company increases continuously its market share and holds key position on local market and markets in the region. Annual volume of production increases with 17 %.

As a result of a completed project ,“Furajny hrany” Ltd. has high technology base. There are two working processing lines for pet food production, energy plant and workshop.  Fish feed production plant is in process of designing.

The R & D activity of“Furajny hrany” Ltd. follows the main goal of the company - creating products according to world standarts.Team of highly qualified specialists develops each product according to today’s scientific achievements in pet and fish industry with the appropriate technical equipment.

Each recipe has a special formulation with precise selected ingredients from leading world companies. The final product has obligatory testing in own laboratory and autorized external laboratories with strict quality control.

“Furajny hrany” Ltd., Lovech is leading Bulgarian company with 25 years experience in pet food production for dogs, cats and fish.