Cat food

Nourishment food for adult cats
 Adequate and balanced product. Ensures optimal feed and energy levels for cats with normal activity.

This food formula has

  • controlled pH -optimum for secretory system and better palatability.
  • controlled manganese and added taurine levels for better vision and healthy heart
  • optimal amount of minerals -for strong teeth and bones

In accordance with the developed formulations we use products with best quality. The superior protein source (chicken, fish and eggs) supports the bones, muscles, fur and the skin in excellent condition. High quality oils are energy source and a reason for healthy skin and shining fur. Wheat meal and rice meal ensure the necessary carbohydrates and fibers for gustatory system. A precise balance of vitamins and minerals is included in each food for an optimal muscle and tissue development and entire health condition.

You want YOUR PET to be healthier and happier. We want it too.